John and Cullen Bonaventure

Nautica brings you the story of John and Cullen Bonaventure, a father and son who teach and compete in the growing world of Ocean Kayaking.  As a guide, John teaches people with little or no skills to safely launch their kayaks through the dramatic surf of the Pacific Ocean.  An expert in the fields of marine environment and water birds, he leads groups through the local sea caves of Shell Beach, California on his short, sit-inside kayak designed for surfing ocean waves.  John was a two time coach of the US West Surf Kayak Team, preparing competitors for world championships.   His son, Cullen, began rowing along side his dad at the age of 5, later joining him as a guide and instructor before moving to San Francisco where he now runs a kayaking program for a large water sports store. They even competed against each other once, and watch the video to hear how a small sacrifice by his son helped to take John to victory.


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